About Garments

The textile industry plays a significant role in the economic development of Pakistan. Approximately 38% of the manufacturing labor force is employed in the garment industry, making Pakistan the 8th largest exporter of textiles in Asia.

It is a country with an abundance of cotton fiber, which contributes to a great extent to the exports of Pakistan. Moreover, we have a solid supply base for all man-made yarns and fabrics from cotton to rayon. This abundance of raw material is a critical benefit for Pakistan due to its beneficial impact on cost and operational lead time

The Company provides the best apparel and home textiles in terms of quality, cost-effectiveness, and service while staying observant of fulfilling their responsibilities as corporate citizens.

Rainbow Textile is one of the best textile companies in Pakistan, with a local and international clientele. It always aims at providing its clients with top-notch quality products and has pride in itself as a fabric manufacturer of high-quality fabric. It believes in an ever-evolving fashion world. They have a complete setup from weaving, knitting, sewing, dyeing, printing, embroidery to packaging. They use modern technology with high-speed ring frames to produce yarn.

Categories Of Garments

  • Classes of basic garments: shirt, coat, skirt, dress, suit, underwear, swimsuit
  • Length, for skirts and dresses: micro-mini, mini, tea length, ballerina length, full length, midi, maxi
  • Contemporary and historical styles of garments: corset, frock coat, t-shirt, doublet
  • Parts of garments: sleeve, collar, lapel
  • Styles of these: juliette sleeve, Peter Pan collar
  • Clothing details: pocket, french cuff, zipper
  • Functional uses: base layer, insulation layer, outer shell
  • Traditional garments: cheongsam, kilt, dirndl, fustanella
  • Fashions and “anti-fashions”: preppy, New Look, hip-hop, rational dress
  • Fabrics: denim, wool, chiffon, velvet, satin, silk, cotton
  • Fabric treatments: fabric painting, transfers, ikat, tie-dye, batik